Symphony Metal Piano Sheets

Hello guys! I’ve been looking through my sheet catalog in my computer and have come across long forgotten Epica sheets. Since i don’t feel really interested in playing their songs any longer (about 5 month), I thought it might be helpful to post them all here for anyone who does.

Although I must say there are only few of them and some could be not as good as you might expect. Anyway, it’s everything we’ve got and I hope they’re would be helpful for you more or less.

This is the songs included (related link to youtube videos) :

  1. Blank Infinity – Epica
  2. Feint – Epica
  3. Linger – Epica
  4. Safeguard to Paradise – Epica
  5. Solitary Ground – Epica
  6. Tides of Time – Epica
  7. Trois Vierges – Epica

Download link updated at December, 9th 2012

Author: Muh.Ahsan

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