Solve WordPress function.stripos Error

Click This (See Update – 19 December 2012)

Warning: stripos() [function.stripos]: needle is not a string or an integer in /home/user/public_html/wp-includes/function.php on line 658


This stripos function error caused by WordPress and Jetpack plugin. Not all of Jetpack module caused this error. It is caused by share module. So to solve this problem, go to wordpress administrator (dashboard), click Jetpack, click Learn More on sharing module box, then last action click deactivate.

Check again your page that shown error warning.

Voila, everything all right…

Note: Your sharing button on the end of your post will disappear, it is take effective and quick if you have too much posts that show error.


  1. Go to your wordpress back end (dashboard).
  2. Click Posts (or All Posts).
  3. Click edit on your post that show “function.stripos” error.
  4. Focus on featured image, click add featured image.
  5. Upload or use some image in your media library as featured image.
  6. Set featured image, then click update post.
  7. After updated, view your post for final check.

Note: This is better solution without disabling your sharing button, but if you have too much posts that shown error you will so tired to edit each post one by one.

Go to this wordpress support thread will help you how to fix this error, better if you have a lite experience to edit PHP code.

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